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h1. KanpouWatcher

h2. What

KanpouWatcher provides a tool and library to download Kanpou(Japanese official gazette) PDF files.

h2. Installing

<pre syntax="ruby">sudo gem install kanpou-watcher</pre>

h2. API document


h2. The basics

<pre syntax="ruby"> KanpouWatcher.week.each do |kanpou|

  kanpou.pdf.each do |url|
    puts + " " + kanpou.label + ": " + url.to_s
    # => ex. 2007-12-10 本紙(4726号):  .../20071210h047260002.pdf



h2. Demonstration of usage

Downloads Kanpous in this week:

<pre>% kanpou-watcher -d $HOME/kanpou</pre>

h2. Forum


h2. How to submit patches

Read the "8 steps for fixing other people‘s code" and for section "8b: Submit patch to Google Groups", use the Google Group above.

The trunk repository is svn:// for anonymous access.

h2. License

This code is free to use under the terms of the Ruby license.

h2. Contact

Comments are welcome. Send an email to "Keita Yamaguchi" or the "forum"

h2. Links